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Unique bespoke, custom-made clothes for your dog only in New York City (Manhattan)

Every dog is special, but the most pampered pup will have his or her own bespoke piece designed and created by Elya Kinsey and her team.

What can you have created for your dog?

The choice is limitless. We have created silk dresses, leather vests, faux fur vests, dress shirts, and raincoats in special sizes or with personal touches.

Your first appointment

At the first meeting, we will discuss your ideas about color, fabric and design details, and show you some possible fabric swatches from luxury fabric companies such as Mood Designer Fabrics and B&J Fabrics. You are welcome to bring along photographs, sketches, and fabrics to help us understand your dream piece for your beloved pup.

The designer and owner, Elya Kinsey, will personally measure your dog and may sketch some initial ideas or show you photographs. We will then send you a proposal with a detailed drawing, fabric swatch and price quotation.

What happens next?

Once we have agreed to the design, fabric, trimmings, special details and embroidery, your dog’s new clothing will be hand cut, sewn and hand finished in the Pawspoke studio.

Elya Kinsey and her team of designers will be back to your home for up to two more fittings, to ensure the fit and design details are exactly as you require. You will then be presented with a Pawspoke Certificate of Authenticity, signed by Elya Kinsey for your bespoke, one of a kind piece of clothing.

Prices for our bespoke service

Prices start at $1,250 with an initial 50% deposit. The final cost depends on a number of factors, including the fabric chosen, size of the dog, complexity of the design, and the types and number of trimmings such as buttons, lace designs, etc.


As a unique experience, the Pawspoke team, Elya Kinsey along with either one or two assistants, will come directly to your home so that your pup can feel the most comfortable in his or her own home while we assess and measure for your exclusive piece. For more information or to book an appointment, please email – 

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